10.3 released

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10.3 released

Post by ArctionKestutis » Fri May 27, 2022 12:39 pm

Hi All,

We are continuing to show our commitment to provide the fastest chart in the world.
As part of performance improvement, in this release we are introducing the new, lighter and faster series (LiteLineSeries, LiteFreeformLineSeries, DigitalLineSeries), and revamped old StockSeries. These series use fewer resources (CPU and RAM) compared to the existing versions. For the user, this allows visualizing order of magnitude more points in the same PC and run real-time sweeping/scrolling much smoother. Check our new Trillion points example.

Not only performance matter, but visual appeal as well. In the new release users will find new ColorThemes: TurquoiseHexagon, Magma, Auroras, BrushedMetal, RedCarbon, Paper, WorldCyberSpace, CustomDynamicTheme. Getting new 'cool' Chart look has never been easier. Don't forget to check our new examples with your selection of ColorTheme on Interactive Examples App.

Read more about this release in our news page: https://www.arction.com/news/lightningc ... 3-release/ or contact our Support directly.

Version could be found as SDK-installer in our Portal or as Nuget package.

Happy coding!