7.1.1 installer released

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7.1.1 installer released

Post by ArctionPasi » Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:12 pm

Hello developers,

we added lots of new features and made performance improvements.

See document with pictures illustrating new features: http://www.arction.com/public_downloads ... atures.pdf

  • Palette-colored Polar PointLineSeries
    Major upgrade in DirectX 11 line rendering performance
    Value-based coloring for 3D surface series. Now palette coloring can be distinct from geometry.
    Contour line labels in IntensityGrid and IntensityMesh series
    Data breaking by NaN or other selectable value, for PointLineSeries, FreeformPointLineSeries, SampleDataSeries, AreaSeries, HighLowSeries and PointLineSeries3D
    HERE on-line maps service support
    ViewXY grid visibility order control. ViewXY.AxisLayout.GridVisibilityOrder property added. BehindSeries shows all grids on the background, FrontOfSeries shows all grids in front of the series.

We hope you like it :D
LightningChart Support Team, PT