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Wish List

Post by Greg9504 » Tue May 13, 2014 4:22 pm


After trying out Lightning Chart here are a few things I think could make it better:
  • More flexible Legends:
    • Legend Title not tied to any other object (axis, series, etc)
    • Legend entries that are not tied to specific chart objects but can be.
    • Multiple legends
    • Write and Read of legend location for restoring plot look.
    • All the above could be accomplished with some new classes such as Legend, LegendEntry. Where Legend has a list of LegendEntry. LegendEntry can be tied to a plot series or not. The symbol, title, line etc can either come from the associated series (if one) or overridden, this would do away with setting the Series.Title.ShowInLegendBox and View.LegendBox settings. The chart can then have a list of Legend classes that it renders on the chart to allow multiple legends.
  • Some way to associate an object with a point (say SeriesPoint.Key).
  • Some way of finding the index of the point into the series when the mouse is over the point, similar to StockSeries.GetItemOnMouseLocation but for FreeformPointLineSeries (or any other series).
  • As mentioned in another post the concept of IntensitySurfaceGridSeries3D, where the surface colour is not dependant on the point coordinates but instead other data like IntensityGridSeries.
  • Documentation
    • Most of the API only has minimal IntelliSense documentation. Would like to see a bit more.
    • On the positive side I can usually find an example of what I'm trying to do in the Demo application.