Band object ValuesChanged event request

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Band object ValuesChanged event request

Post by fischertc » Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:39 am

Very minor request...

I have two bands on two separate charts that I want locked together so movement of one of them along an X axis performs the same amount of movement on the other. These two bands can be on charts with very different X value ranges, so I have to move them by the amount of change in x axis distance that occured.

For instance, I could have:

X Axis "A" with range 1 to 100
X Axis "B" range 200 to 400

I might lock them together with A=5 and B=250. When band for axis A is moved 5 values to the right, B must also be moved 5 values to the right so A=10 and B=255.

The ValuesChanged event on a band does not have original and new begin/end values. When the event receives them they are already applied to the band. This means that event argument "newBegin" minus band.ValueBegin always == 0. The only way I could figure out the difference was to store the previous value in my service object and do the math each time the event was fired.

Would it be possible to have the event pass original start and end?