Core 3, .NET 5 and .NET 6 compatibility

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Core 3, .NET 5 and .NET 6 compatibility

Post by Arction_LasseP » Fri Nov 19, 2021 11:38 am

LightningChart is built primary for .NET framework, but is also compatible with the following .NET versions:

• .NET Core 3.0 and 3.1
• .NET 5
• .NET 6

Notes when using the above:

-There is an issue in LightningChart version, which prevents the chart from working properly in Core/.NET 5 and 6 projects. We have released a hotfix for this, which is available as a NuGet package (LC version Therefore, when creating Core/.NET 5 or 6 application with LightningChart, we recommend downloading that package.

-Visual Studio may give a warning about installed package using different target and not being fully compatible with your project. However, this does not prevent the LightningChart or the application in general from working. In these cases, the warning can be suppressed or just ignored.

-In Core/.NET 5 and 6 projects, LightningChart will not appear in Visual Studio toolbox, since it is built using .NET Framework. The chart will still work well when created and configured in code.

Creating LightningChart in code example:

Code: Select all

    public partial class MainWindow : Window
        private LightningChart _chart;

        public MainWindow()


        private void CreateChart()
            _chart = new LightningChart();

            (Content as Grid).Children.Add(_chart);


            // Configure chart here

-Demo examples extracted from Interactive Examples application are all built with .NET Framework. However, the same code will work in Core/.NET 5 / .NET 6 projects as well. Therefore, it is not possible to change the target version of a standalone demo example to .NET 6 for instance. Instead, the code can be just copy-pasted.