Parallel Coordinate Chart I have a few questions.

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Parallel Coordinate Chart I have a few questions.

Post by kihoon_sung » Tue Jul 06, 2021 12:38 am

An error occurred when registering a series of more than 16 point lines in a parallel coordinate chart in the trial version.
How many point line series can be registered?

In addition, legends appear as one line at the bottom of the parallel coordinate chart, so if there are many legends, all legends are not displayed on the screen. Any solution?

I want to set the Y-axis range in a parallel chart.
Is it possible to bold all point line series within the range in the chart?

Thank you for your reply.

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Re: Parallel Coordinate Chart I have a few questions.

Post by Arction_LasseP » Tue Jul 06, 2021 7:16 am


There is no limit on how many series can be added. You could add thousands of series if needed. Eventually, at some point you will run out of computer resources, for instance memory. However, 16 series should not cause this unless each series contains tens of millions of data points. Therefore, the error is caused by something else, probably there is something wrong in the way you are adding the series. In any case, we would need to know what the error message said.
You could also subscribe to ChartMessage event as that often given additional information about these kinds of issues.

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_chart.ChartMessage += _chart_ChartMessage;

        private void _chart_ChartMessage(ChartMessageInfo info)
About the legend boxes, you would need to change some of their setting, mainly Layout, Position and Offset.
Layout allows you changing between Horizontal and Vertical layouts. If a RowSpan option (i.e. HorizontalRowSpan) is selected, the legend box will automatically have multiple rows if all the series don't fit into one row.
Position and Offset can be used to prevent multiple legend boxes overlapping each other.

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_chart.ViewXY.LegendBoxes[0].Layout = LegendBoxLayout.HorizontalRowSpan;
_chart.ViewXY.LegendBoxes[0].Position = LegendBoxPositionXY.BottomRight;

_chart.ViewXY.LegendBoxes[1].Layout = LegendBoxLayout.HorizontalRowSpan;
_chart.ViewXY.LegendBoxes[1].Position = LegendBoxPositionXY.BottomRight;
_chart.ViewXY.LegendBoxes[1].Offset.SetValues(0, -30);
Y-axis range can set via: _chart.ViewXY.YAxes[0].SetRange(0, 100);
Set the minimum and maximum based on the data point values your series will get.
You could also call ZoomToFit() after adding all the series and data points. It automatically changes the axis ranges so that all data fits into the screen.

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Hope this is helpful.
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