3 Questions about Maps in LightningChart WPF

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3 Questions about Maps in LightningChart WPF

Postby UserX » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:16 pm

1. What Maps format does LightningChart control support?
2. Is there a resource where we can download them?
3. Is it possible to convert maps of other formats, for example, geotiff into a format for LightningChart control?
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Re: 3 Questions about Maps in LightningChart WPF

Postby ArctionKestutis » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:06 pm

LightningChart has Maps feature, which covered in User’s Manual 5.25 Maps and in several examples of our Demo. The whole idea is to supplement all the functionality of ViewXY chart with geographical map as the background. Our Geographical Maps examples grouped in our Demo App under ViewXY -> Maps. You could check those for an idea. All demo examples come with source code.

A1. In summary, LightningChart maps come in two different categories: vector maps and tile maps. Most of our examples are using Vector maps, which are made in very high detail level. LightningChart is delivered with set of map files.
A2. As mentioned in above answer, the set of vector maps is delivered with LighthningChart SDK. If you interested in tile-maps, which could downloaded from HERE, Google or similar service, then it is slightly different thing. LightningChart has support for the following on-line Tile data services: HERE Street maps, Satellite imagery. HERE maps were chosen as example of Tile maps usage. With small source code modification it should be possible to extend support to other services. Please check our HERE map examples by acquiring free trial key from provider.
A3. LighthningChart SDK has Map wizard, which helps importing ESRI shapefile (*.shp) to LightningChart map file (.md) (see 5.26.7 chapter in User’s Manual). ESRI shapefile (*.shp) is a widely used map file format supporting vector and polygon data.

Hope this helps.
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